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The Hoffmann Experience

S&O Studio is offering a completely artisan-made, custom, and handcrafted experience to create a frame like no-other, or replicate one you can't live without.

Raised From the Earth

The Creation Process

The Schematics

The first meeting is the most crucial. We discuss the shape, design, materials, and fit. Either creating a new shape entirely, or matching a frame you can't live without.

The Rough Sketch

In the process of creating a new shape, this meeting is to see the rough sketch before the crafting process begins. Via 3D models, sketches, and silhouette, we make sure we've locked down the look and feel.

The Workbench

The materials, design, and sketches are transferred over to Hoffmanns hands. A personal team of artisans begin the process of creating your one of a kind frame.

The Finer Details

This experience is the definition of a curated, handmade frame. Once the information is transferred from our studio to Hoffmann, the creation process can take up to 4 months. Certain accommodations can be made for out-of-town clients that may need a remote meeting, or shipping scenario.

Upon creating the appointment, a $500 non-refundable down deposit is required. This is used to allocate time, order materials, samples, and sketches that cannot be undone. This deposit factors into your final product. With Hoffmann using materials such as horn, wood, slate, and palladium silver, their cost for a bespoke frame is in the higher range of prices (with fine craftsmanship to match).

We are happy to answer any questions about the process, cost, and concerns regarding this project. This project is made for you, with you. Your enjoyment is our priority.

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